The level of internationality of the race is growing: the first to cross the finish line of the 11K was the Frenchman Jean-Christophe Play, who however entered the non-competitive race. The Fidal ranking therefore assigns the official victory to Igor Fontanella. In the women's field, Venetian middle-distance runner Diletta Moressa won.

Venice, 24 September 2023 - The second edition of the Compressport Venice Lido Beach Trail, the original trail on the beach organized by Venicemarathon and which took place this morning at the Lido of Venice, immediately marks a new important milestone, namely the growth of foreign athletes , approximately 20% of the over 1,000 registered athletes who took part in the three races: the 2K Alì Family Run, the 5K and the 11K.

The first to cross the finish line of the 11K was in fact the French athlete Jean-Christophe Play, 41 years old from Lyon, a marathon runner with a personal best of 2h25', who covered the trail distance this morning in 40'37". However, being registered in the non-competitive race, the official Fidal ranking awarded the victory to Igor Fontanella, the representative of Aristide Coin, already winner last year, who finished about a minute behind the Frenchman. On the other steps of the podium are Filippo Pagavino (As Vegan Running Team) and Daniele Rocco (Pol. Vighenzi) climbed

“It was a very beautiful race from a landscape point of view, truly one of a kind, but very tough from a technical point of view. Now I aim to also participate in the Venicemarathon on October 22nd" - these are the words of Jean-Christophe Play at the finish line.

Even for Igor Fontanella the route today appeared particularly challenging, especially on the beach stretch. We remember, in fact, that the athletes had to face a technically very difficult route, designed between the beach, sand dunes, pine forest and a long dam to travel on the outward and return journey. “Today I suffered a bit from the less than optimal conditions of this last period, but this trail was once again spectacular and I will certainly be at the start again next year”.

Clear victory in the women's field for the 21-year-old Venetian Diletta Moressa, student of the former Italian marathon runner Giovanna Volpato and also a representative of Aristide Coin. “It was wonderful to hear the encouragement of the large audience present along the dam. The route is truly spectacular even if very hard, but I am very happy with this victory. My next appointment will be the 10K of the Venicemarathon on October 22nd."
Dominika Makaruk-Di Loreto (Barizza Sport) and Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) complete the women's podium.

The non-competitive 5 kilometer race was won by the 37-year-old Angelo Pellini from Brescia and in the women's field by the 27-year-old Dutch Saskia Van Benthem. In the Alì Family Run, success for two young thirteen-year-old athletes, bearers of the 'Venice Triathlon', Isacco Guadagni and Giulia Grezzo.

The spectacular setting of the long, white beach of the Lido of Venice and the splendid sunny day were the sublime backdrop to a truly successful edition.

“If last year we said 'the first one was good', this year we can only repeat ourselves by exclaiming 'the second one was excellent' due to the doubled number of participants; for the growth of foreigners who generate economic and promotional benefits, and finally for the splendid day of sport and celebration that we experienced. On behalf of Venicemarathon, I thank all those who collaborated in the success of the event such as the Municipal Administration, Venezia Spiagge and all the institutions involved, the sponsors, and the many volunteers. At this point, all we have to do is make an appointment for everyone next year, the date of which could be 22 September 2024" - this is the comment of a satisfied Piero Rosa Salva, president of Venicemarathon.

The budget councilor of the Municipality of Venice Michele Zuin was also very happy with the excellent success of the event: “I thank Venicemarathon for having created this very successful event, for the professionalism and organizational quality shown, and because it represents an excellent opportunity to introduce the Lido of Venice to runners from all over the world" and the president of Venezia Spiagge Pierluigi Padovan: "After the Film Festival, this trail becomes the second international event of the Lido and we are all really happy with the response received this morning".

The vice mayor of the Municipality of Venice Andrea Tomaello instead experienced the event from the inside, taking part in the 5K: "It is a beautiful, hard but at the same time spectacular route and I extend my compliments to the organizers because this initiative allows the Lido to extend the summer season with quality sports tourism".
Finally, the general coordinator of Venicemarathon Lorenzo Cortesi is already thinking about the future: "In addition to further growth in the numbers of Italian and foreign participants 

Tranieri, for next year we would also like to involve all the local sports associations, to create a real sports promotion village, a corollary event of the Venice Lido Beach Trail.

The day then continued with the Pasta Party and the Beach Party to the rhythm of good music played by Radio PiterPan and Radio Bellla&Monella.

Fidal ranking
11K MEN:
1. Igor Fontanella (Aristide Coin) 41'35"
2. Filippo Pagavino (Vegan Power Team) 42'38"
3. Daniele Rocco (Pol. Vighenzi) 42'59"

1. Diletta Moressa (Aristide Coin) 46'38"
2. Dominika Makaruk-Di Loreto (Barizza Sport) 50'53"
3. Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) 51'08"
The sponsors of the 2nd Compressport Venice Lido Beach Trail are: Compressport (Title & Technical Sponsor), Venezia Spiagge (Main Partner), Banco BPM (Financial Sponsor), Craft (Official Shoe & Technical Partner), Alì (Official Sponsor). Official Supplier: Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Palmisano, Dole, 3B Meteo, Tronchetto Parking, Evodata. 1/6H Sport (Official Shop), Diabasi (The Brand of Professional Massage) – Lacomed Sport (Official Supplier-Massage Area). Media Partners: Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport, Radio PiterPan and Radio Bellla&Monella.